Family Law

Family Law encompasses a number of services. The matter could be as contentious as a custody battle and as amicable as a name change.

  • Contested Divorce: Everyone knows that a divorce can get ugly. It can be the the most triing time in anyone's life. You want an attorney who is compassionate enough to understand the implications and tenacious enough to fight for you until the end. Both Partners are have a family and children. We understand how important your relationship with your child is.
  • Uncontested Divorce: Collaborative and uncontested divorces are becoming more and more common. Not all divorces have to be fights. If both parties are reasonable, a divorce can happen quickly and amicably. This type of divorce is less costly than a contested divorce.
  • Modifications: When circumstances change, so should the rules. We can petition for the modification of your existing order. Child custody, visitation, alimony and child support can all be subject to modification.
  • Name Change: This can be more complicated than you would think. Let our experience guide you through the name change process.
  • Legitimation: It is very important that a father who has a child out of wedlock be legitimized. When we petition for legitimation, we give the father the rights he should have as a father. Both custody, visitation and child support can be addressed as part of a legitimation action.
  • Termination of Parental Rights: If a parent is no longer acting like a parent, we can file an action to terminate their parental rights. There are several legal causes of action that form the basis of an action to terminate parental rights. We will look closely at the facts of your situation to determine the best way to approach your case.
  • Power of Attorney: We can prepare a general power of attorney, a durable power of attorney or a specific power of attorney for a variety of matters affecting you and your loved ones. Allow us to help you decide which is best for your situation.
  • Domestic Violece Protective Orders / TPO: Domestic violence, domestic abuse protective orders and temporary protective orders (TPO) are considered an emergency in our office. We know that protecting yourself and you children from family violence is a matter of the highest priority. We can approach a judge ex parte to secure immediate results. You can be awarded possession of the house and custody of the children. You can also be awarded child support and attorney fees. These actions are a top priority and will be given immediate attention.