Real Estate & Transactional Law

At Williams & Pine, LLC, we understand both the financial and emotional investment our clients put into real estate. We know that when you decide to buy a house, a piece of property or a business, it is a major decision requiring professional and reliable attention.

Our attorneys have helped thousands of people and companies with real estate transactions, from first-time home buyers to seasoned business owners to investors, and have overseen transactions throughout the State of Georgia. Our attorneys know how to spot potential issues in your transaction, helping to avoid disputes. Our paralegals have years of experience in assembling the necessary paperwork, and they know what to look for to avoid any last minute surprises at the closing.



  • Sales, purchases and refinances are a daily part of our practice. We can assist in any of these matters from start to finish.
  • Contract review and preparation
  • Preparation of warranty deeds, gift deeds, bill of sale or quit claim deeds
  • Title searches and exams, as well as title commitments and opinions
  • Owner's and Lender's title insurance
  • Closing and settlement services


Leasing, purchasing or selling a commercial property or business can be complicated. Every deal is different and terms can vary widely from one transaction to the next. We can share our experience with you, giving you the benefit of time and effort spent on other transactions. Let us assist with:

  • Commercial lease or sublease preparation and review
  • Business sales contract preparation and review
  • Transfer of goodwill by bill of Sale
  • Corporate stock sales or transfers
  • LLC membership sales or transfers
  • We are experienced in transactions involving: Hotels, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Liquor Stores and Package Shops, Restaurants, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs, Commercial Rentals and Residential Rentals


Landlord and Tenant Representation: We assist in all areas relating to commercial and residential tenancies and leases whether you are a landlord, a tenant or a subtenant. Our clients receive the best representation available in these areas:

  • Return of Security Deposit: Wrongfully withheld security deposits are subject to substantial penalties. In many cases you, are entitled to three times your security deposit as well as attorney fees and court costs.

  • Repairs: If your landlord is refusing to repair damage to your residence, we can help. Landlords must make repairs within a reasonable amount of time. You may even be entitled to withhold rent if repairs are not made in a timely fashion.

  • Evictions and Dispossessory Actions: Landlords do not have to tolerate late or missed rent payments. We can expedite your case assuring quick results that secure payment of rent, attorney fees and court costs. If you do not receive the amount owed, we will secure the eviction of the tenant and a judgment. Wage garnishment and bank garnishment services are also available.

  • Lease Preparation / Drafting and Review: Having an attorney who has worked on hundreds of leases will ensure your lease is iron clad. We can prepare the rental agreement to reflect your needs and help spot issues you may have not considered. We can also assist with subleasing agreements.

  • Holdover Tenants, Tenancies at Will and Tenants Without a Written Lease: There does not have to be a written agreement in order for someone to be a tenant. Even tenants without a lease have rights that landlords and tenants need to be familiar with before they take action.


A quiet title action can be used to overcome a cloud on title or to finalize a property tax deed from a tax sale. This type of action is very complicated, and you will need a competent attorney to assist you with the many details involved in a quiet title action or bar of redemption. This is a very lengthy process, so it is portent for tax sale purchasers to start early. You will almost certainly need to do this before you can sell a property purchased at a tax sale.


We can assist you with preparing for a tax sale purchase. You should not invest in a property without knowing the status of the title. Contact us in advance of the tax sale so we can help you make a good investment. We can also assist with filing a bar of redemption which will allow the tax deed holder the right of possession.


Both commercial and residential property tax appeals succeed or fail based on the ability to understand how valuation and uniformity can be challenged. Allow us to handle your appeal to the Board of Equalization, the Superior Court, a hearing officer or via arbitration. We can challenge your property taxes based on uniformity and valuation.


In some cases, it is beneficial to transfer ownership via stock or membership transfer. This tactic can be used to transfer all assets of a company at once.