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REAL ESTATE CLIENT: “I really enjoyed the way they do business at Williams and Pine. I felt like I had direct line of communication with my Attorney at any time. Trust me thats not always true with other firms. When closing on our house our real estate agent told us “that was the easiest closing she has ever seen”. We felt like our Attorney really had our best interests at heart and not just a number.”

FAMILY LAW CLIENT: This was a custody case. Mr. Wallace set out to see that primary physical custody stayed with me . The case went our way. I feel he seen that the best interest of my child was to continue to live with me just as he has since birth and there continue to be visitations with my child’s father. I am so thankful for what they have done for my family. I highly recommend the firm and will use them for any future needs.

FAMILY LAW CLIENT: “Mr Pine handled my divorce case. He went above and beyond in taking care of my needs. He even stayed until 9:00 PM one evening so that we could work on my case. He helped me prioritize what was important and fought hard to get what I wanted. I would recommend Mr. Pine to anyone.”

LANDLORD / TENANT CLIENT: “Wallace is extremely professional in a caring way. He went above and beyond what we expected of him by answering our questions, responding to our emails, and calling or texting us to keep us informed about our case. He is very knowledgeable and should the need arise, we will without a doubt use him as our attorney in the future.”

CRIMINAL CLIENT: “Mr. Pine worked very diligently on my case while keeping me well informed of the processes and possibilities of my case. He’s not the cheapest lawyer but you get what you pay for, and no lawyer is cheap. I felt Mr. Pine did an exceptional job. He was very considerate, understanding and knowledgeable. He worked hard to get me the best possible deal. I would recommend Jonah Pine to anyone looking for aggressive representation.”

TRANSACTIONAL LAW / REAL ESTATE CLIENT: “We have used Wallace for multiple issues over the last 10 years. He is outstanding in providing us legal service and guidance. We highly recommend him to our friends and business partners.”

LOCAL REALTOR: “Wallace is always the first attorney I call for real estate closings. His team is prompt, personable and very good at their jobs. Wallace is patient and very thorough when explaining real estate documents to my clients. He makes the buyers and the sellers comfortable. A lot of times buying a home is scary especially to first time home buyers but he always manages to set their fears at ease and makes sure they understand exactly what they are signing. Sometimes selling a home is emotional for the sellers and Wallace understands that and treats them with compassion and respect. He is one of the few attorneys I know that will personally return mine and/or my client’s calls both before and after a closing. I have been using his services for over 10 years and never had a bad experience. He has also helped me, my family and clients with our wills and other legal matters. I have complete faith and trust in his abilities and refer him to people all the time. I highly recommend you use him! You won’t be sorry!”